How To Display Your Rare Coins

What fun is it to collect rare coins if you are not able to display them? You can cheaply store your rare coins in a cardboard holder, but these holders are not very exciting. The cardboard holders also do not provide a lot of protection. Fortunately, there are much better ways to display your rare coins.

Plastic Coin Holders

Rare coin holders that are made out of clear plastic are a better choice because they allow for the coin to be displayed much more clearly. The durability of this storage option is based on the thickness of the plastic. Two examples of these types of holders are mylar holders and hard plastic holders. Hard plastic is more durable, so would be great for simply storing your most valuable rare coins.

Fold Out Albums

Fold-out albums are one of the best ways to store coins because by opening an album, you can show off several rare coins at once. The coins in a particular album can have a single theme so you can show off how complete your collection is. The album allows for someone looking through to see both sides of the coin. The plastic inserts inside which the rare coins are placed protect them from the elements.

Coin Folders

If you are looking for a less expensive option, a coin folder simply displays one side of the coin. Coin folders also provide less protection than coin albums. They consist of a large piece of cardboard that folds like a book. Circles are cut out of each section where the rare coins can be fit. The coins are also fully exposed, which leaves them exposed to the elements and fingerprints on them while they are handled.

Picture Frames

If you have a handful of very impressive coins, you might want to display them in a picture frame. You will need a high-quality piece of cardboard and adhesive that allows the coin to stick. For precious coins, you will not want to use an adhesive because the glue will react with the coin and damage it. Instead, you will need a cardboard piece with circles cut out, similar to with the coin folder, to hold the coins in place. The cardboard must be cut so that it fits snugly inside the picture frame and so the cardboard will not bend.

With your coins displayed, think of what else can be added to the display. If your coins are particular to a certain country, decorate your display with objects signifying patriotism. If the coins come from a particular time period, consider using props from that same period. Creating a beautiful display is part of the fun of showing off your rare coins.

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