3 Fun Gifts To Give A Growing Family For The Holidays

Whether you have a family member that has small children or you have a friend that has a new addition, you may be wondering what you can give them as a holiday present. Although it may be nice to gift them something individually, if the family has several children, that can quickly add up. Instead, why not get them something for all of them? From window graphics to a game, this article will list three fun gifts for you to consider gifting. Read on to learn some more. 

Window Graphics

Window graphics that have stick figures of everyone in the family are a fun way to show the world (or those driving behind you), your cute family. These removable window graphics are fun because they won't damage the car, and you can have them custom made to look just like their family.

For instance, if they have twins and a dog with a funny face, then you can have the window graphics company make stickers that look like this. This cute and thoughtful gift is something they will treasure having on their car for years to come, and if they decide to sell their car in the future, they can always remove the  graphics without it damaging their car. 

Custom Portraits

Another fun thing that you can gift a growing family is a fun custom portrait. These portraits aren't what you may be thinking (oil-based paint and expensive). Instead, there are artists online on websites like Etsy that can draw cute pictures of the family by using colored pencils. These are fun, quirky drawings that they can display in their living room for everyone to see. 

Family Games

Sometimes it can be hard to keep a family entertained (especially when they're home form school during the holidays). A fun thing for you to gift them is a family game night package including one or two board games, popcorn, candy, and any other treats that you think they would like. This little game night kit is a great way for them to sit down together as a family and enjoy some personal time with each other. 

You don't have to spend a fortune on holiday gifts in order for them to be meaningful. In fact, all of these gifts would be great to give a growing family this holiday season. To learn more about things like window graphics, reach out to a company near you.