Types of Paint Found at the Paint Store

Paint is a wonderful tool for hobbyists and home renovators alike. Paint allows you to change the colors of your interior walls, furniture, home exterior, and more. At a paint store, you can find many types of paint in any color that you can think of. Most paint stores can even custom-mix colors to your exact specifications. Here are four types of paint that you can find at a paint store:

1. Spray Paint

Spray paint is a type of aerosolized paint that can be used to create a smooth surface free of brushstrokes. Spray paint is not ideal for painting walls or other large surfaces. However, it's a great choice for remodeling furniture. You can completely change the look of a table, dresser, or other non-porous items using a few cans of spray paint. For best results, spray paint should be applied in thin, even layers. Some states regulate the sale of spray paint to people under 18, so if you plan to purchase this type of paint, make sure you bring your photo ID to the paint store.

2. Interior Paint

Interior paint is ideal for changing the colors of your walls. A fresh coat of paint can remove fingerprints, smudges, stains, and other signs of wear and tear from your home's walls. At a paint store, you can find interior paint in a variety of finishes. Glossy finishes are more stain-resistant than matte finishes, but sometimes people have an aesthetic preference for one over the other. You can even combine the best of both worlds by choosing a satin finish.

3. Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is designed to be used on the outside of buildings. Sometimes known as house paint, exterior paint is UV-resistant to prevent fading. Exterior paint is also waterproof, which means it will not be damaged in the rain or snow.

4. Wood Stains

Wood stains are a type of paint used to alter the color of wood. Unlike traditional paint, which sits on top of a surface, wood stains are designed to penetrate the surface of the wood that they are applied to. Wood stains are a great finishing tool for people who enjoy the natural look of wood. It offers translucent coverage that allows the underlying wood grain to shine through. Wood stains can be as dark or as light as you prefer. Many paint stores have samples of stained wood available so you can see the finished effect of any given stain before you purchase it.

For more information, reach out to a local paint store near you to learn more.